European Bike check Tour : Filip Matus AGang Ninja DH Team

European Bike check Tour : Filip Matus AGang Ninja DH Team

We promise you few months ago to talk  about a brand from Czech Republic – called AGang.
The meeting point is now with the bikecheck of Filip Matus, rider-ambassador of Agang. Filip rides a Ninja DH Team this year. Quick crossed-interview also with Jaromir Spesny, responsible of product development @AGang.

So, Filip, who are you ?

(FM) Filip Matus, 29 years old, born and still live in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Work as a marketing guy in Czech clothing brand Meatfly. I’ve started with biketrial when I was 5, won some national titles and then when I was around 15 I’ve started with dual racing + downhill. I’ve joined AGang three years ago as I had a quick chat with Jaromir – we know each other from racing bike trial.

jump 2

Where do you ride when winter do not want to stop.. ?

(FM) Well I do not ride during the winter time. Simply I am enjoying break from a bike to be really hungry at the start of the season. Winter time is more fitness preparation and work..

Will you be on the starting lines of some competitions or shows this year ?

(FM) As I am more test rider than competitor I will be focusing more on photos and videos. But as far as I love racing, I will do some national cups and also races in Slovakia.

Only a few people know AGang in france.. Can you introduce the brand & its philosophy ?

(JS) AGang is owned by czech company, which also owns brand Author that is quite known on east markets. Author might be known in France thanx to Michal Marosi and Michal Prokop who were riding in past for Author. About 6 years ago , here was decision made to establish second brand. A brand which will offer something different than mainstream Author.

agang bikeWe had ideas in heads and AGang was the way how to make those ideas reality…  from the begining we knew, we must built a brand, which will have something for everyone – kids, girls, ladies, men, freestyle community as bmx and mtb and enduro/freeride/downhill folks. We do focuse on the product and the presentation of product.

We are not a catalogue brand and I would say this is our philosophy. Frame designs and our original suspension system Drive Link Pivot® were designed in czech by young czech engineers… Every single frame we made is our own and no other brand can use it… We do care about details product wise and presentation wise, because it counts. We are not going to spent huge money on teams and promotions and events… we prefer to spent the money on the product to make our customers happy… we believe if product is good then no need to spent big money on ads. Customers will find out themselves and it’s the best way…

Your bike is close to the ninja DH team available for sale. What is custom on the bike ?

agang ninja dh team

(FM) I managed to change no parts on my bike as I want to test it as it is on shops. We want to show people that the bike is race ready directly from the box and this is the way how to do it.

If you have to use 3 keywords to describe the bike – and why ?

Fast – it’s simply very fast. In pedalling as well as in the corners

cockpit agang ninja dh team

Light – The production bike with pedals and inner tubes weight 16.5 Kg. With few modification you can get a weight around 15kg.

drivetrain agang

Fun – shorter chain stay means better cornering and moving the bike around the corners but the toptube size is still long enough to keep the stability in high speed sections

What are the main differences compared to the lastest dh bikes you have ridden ?

(FM) I do not want to name the brands but I’ve rode some world brands in my riding career and when I have to compare, the bikes where too heavy and too slow. I’ve like some of them more than the others but in my point of view, Ninja DH is a perfect mix ;-)

filip jump

This Ninja is a Rockshox bike – Are there some reasons versus Fox components / settings ?

(JS) We believe the proper setting is crucial for full suspension bikes… we need to test and see if everything is perfect for the kinematics of our full suspension bikes. This process needs counterpart, which is very well organized and has strong technical back up in Europe and of course product, which is developed by riders and according the latest trends. We did work with Fox, but after trying and experiencing the stuff, which Rock Shox is offering, we simply decided they are the brand we want to work with. Our shocks are exactly tuned as we want and also as Rock Shox top mechanics suggest. It’s not only about buying the product, but we have cooperation, which helps us to push the limits.

agang cockpit mountain bike

And we know now that our customers do care about the performance… and this is the way how to reach the best performance…

Except the frame, the component or piece that you would never want to remove from the bike ?

(FM) I really like the E-thirteen wheelset. The wheels are really light and still so durable so I made a full season full of hard hits on one wheel set. I think it was my first season on one set of wheels !

Agang ninja dh

The place where you dream to ride at least one time

(FM) Whistler, no doubt!

Thx guys for this nice bikecheck !
All the specs of the bike here @AGang website

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