Baramind flex handlebars

Baramind flex handlebars

Baramind flex handlebars concept is to bring some comfort providing a down  flexibility on the bar without rebound.
It’s not exactly a flex bar since it’s more an absorber of vibrations on small shocks. This concept targets people on full hardtail bike or small travel fork that want to be more comfortable on their bike.

There are 2 main technologies inside the handlebar – helpful to understand how this Baramind concept works.

The No Vibration technology is a plate of fiberglass and carbon. Its objective is to provide the flexibility to the handlebar – but only on a vertical way.

cintre baramind

The Custom Flex system is incarnated by the insert that you have to put on the handlebar. Three models of inserts are ready to use, matching 3 differents strenghts (soft, medium and hard). Role of those inserts is to contain the initial flexibility brought by the composite plate. Those inserts are now also available in different colors to tune your handlebar with the rest of your bike

insert couleur baramind

We did not have the opportunity yet to test the Baramind handlebar. Stay tuned cause we are working on a hardtail bike that could fit the profile of bikes targetted by Baramind (xc bikes with small travel fork)

More info : baramind website

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