Canfield Brothers The One on the bikecheck

Canfield Brothers The One on the bikecheck

Here is an original bikecheck if you read this from France since the brand Canfield Brothers is known for only a handful of people.
That’s why we are very pleased to welcome Bruno from Radikal Bikes Import for this bikecheck. It is not his own bike but The One of one of his teammate.

So, Bruno, can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Yes, i just want before to thank you for the opportunity to show one of our model in your bikecheck category !
So, i’m Bruno and i’m the boss of Radikal Bikes Import, a french structure dedicated to mountain bikes frames and parts. For my part, i am a bicycle addict and really in love with all “beautiful” components or frames – i love everything is nice and rare. You can meet me on some AM competitions.

When did you launch your bike company ?

I started January, 2012 – my ambition is to demonstrate that some rare or exotic bikes or components can be performant and reliable, and of course to increase the awareness of Canfield Brothers on French area – as a distributor and a team leader.

Is it your first job in the bike industry ?

Yes, and i hope it will last long !

We don’t know well Canfield Brothers. Can you talk a bit about ?

Canfield Brothers has been created in 1999 by two brothers (Lance and Chris). They are competitors and basically, they did not find the perfect bike according to their wishes. So they decided to create their own bike – Lance is a designer and Chris was a student when they created their first frame. This frame, called Big Fat Fatty, was used by Lance for the Rampage 2001.

Then, many frames came after, the Jedi, the Sauce, the Can Diggle and others from the current line. Each frame is developed from scratch and that’s why Canfield Brothers has some patents on original suspensions and drivetrains.

The current line of products is composed of 5 differents frames and some components such as pedals, DH stem, and hubs.

So here is “The One”… what a frame !

canfield brothers the one dh

Yes – definitely. The One is a real versatile bike since you can play a lot with the lenght of the rear shock – The frame is able to be equipped for big enduro (165mn of travel available with a 216×63 rearshock) and could be pushed on DH with 203mn of travel in the widest combination. Basically, the owners build mainly FR & DH bike with The One frame but we do not want to forget enduro – this frame can fit the expectations of enduro riders looking for a beefy bike.

Canfield Brothers The One from Canfield Brothers on Vimeo.

3 words to describe the bike

canfield brothers frame the one

: the suspension is based on 4 bar linkage system – reliable and easy to adjust with the rear shock.
Nimble : the short chainstay makes the bike player and easy to drive

About the components selected for this build

Components has been chosen in the catalog of our local partners (SAVOYE, BS TRADING, TRIBE SPORT GROUP, CR Conception) that follow us with the team. And this bike is the one of Youri, one of our rider for the upcoming season.

guidon vtt canfield brothers

The component that you would never remove from the bike ?

I will keep the rearshock – a CaneCreek DB. We work with the manufacturer from the beginning of the year and we are very pleased with that. It’s not a accident if Canfield Brothers markets its full suspension frame with Cane Creek rear shocks (coil or air versions).

What is the price to start dreaming of a “The One” ?

It starts at 2100€ without any rear shocks and stops @2500€ for a frame equipped with a CaneCreek DB rearshock.

Canfield Brothers, with the help of its europeans agents, will organize demo days at Lac Blanc in August, 10, 11, 12 – more informations on the Radikal Bikes Import website.





Frame: CANFIELD BROTHERS The One silver liens bleu taille L
Fork: ROCKSHOX Boxxer RC avec cartouche CR Conception
Rearshock: CANE CREEK Double Barrel coil 222x70mm

Headset: DARTMOOR Exile blanc
Stem: SPANK Spike race bleue
Handlebar: Race Face Atlas 1/4
Grips: DARTMOOR Icon Lock on
Shifter: SRAM X7 10v gris
Bottom bracket: TRUVATIV 73mm
Crankset: TRUVATIV Descendant avec couronne de 36 dents
Chain guide: DARTMOOR Blade ISCG03
Pedal: DARTMOOR Fever bleues
Chain: SRAM X7 10v
Cassette: SRAM X7 10v 11×28
Rear derailleur: SRAM X9 chape courte carbone type 2 10v gris
brakes: AVID Code R 203mm gris

seat collar: DARTMOOR Collar bleu
Seat post: TRUVATIV Hussefelt Diam 30,9mm 400mm
Saddle: Home Made

Front wheel
Hub: SPANK Spike Race
Rim : SPANK Spik Race 28mm
Spokes : MACH 1
Tyre: MAXXIS Minion DH 26×2,50

Rear wheel
Hub: SPANK Spike Race
Rim: SPANK Spike Race 28mm
Spokes: MACH 1
Tyre: MAXXIS Minion DH 26×2,50

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