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Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy

Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy

Maybe have you seen this bike on a complete bike test in a local newspaper some weeks ago ? We had the opportunity to see him and to ride it. Introduction !

Last name : Canfield Brothers | First name: Yelli Screamy | Weight (nude frame) : around 2kg

canfield brothers yelly screamy

The complete bike is the work of Bruno From Radikal Bikes import, the french distributor. Canfield brothers (two brothers in fact) is well known for its big bikes such as the Jedi or The One. So, when the american brand decides to work on a hardail and to use 29 inches wheels, it keeps the same direction with a funny but massive frame. The front triangle is smoothy in comparison to the rear and its indestructible look. Sure that this ride has been created to deliver some sensations to its rider ^^

logo canfield brothers

Canfield Brothers uses C-Skull as a logo. The Yelli Screamy looks like a badboy ! A french song says “i do not recognize anyone when i ride my harley davidson…” it may be right with the Canfield since our friend Lionel is already plugged on a US rider mode !

vtt en mode harley

But does the Yelli offer a big motorcycle position on board ? No, but you feel immediatly good on it, because of its compact geometry and a comfort brought by the sweet cockpit. It uses a smart & well sized combo Spank / Dartmoor. And it’s super nice..

guidon vtt

The 140mn of travel of the fork and the wheels in 29 inches indicate that the bicycle is ready for adventure.
But the drivetrain confirms more enduro than long trails in the pampa. The drivetrain is based on a 32 single ring with a 11-36 cassette. As the frame is not delivered with an additionnal pair of thighs for you, the bike in this configuration is mainly dedicated to down hill. Groupset comes from SRAM and X9 line.

You can see below a smart chainguide from-D cSixx – carbon made.

transmission vtt

The red ring comes from Dartmoor – you can find this alternative brand on others components, mixed with Spank pieces.

For example, wheels are built of Spank Oozy rims, Dartmoor hubs and DT Swiss spokes. The mount looks very good and stays reachable if you want to custom your wheelset

composants dartmoor

Last words won’t respire US since we’ll stop on those wonderful and efficient Hope HOPE Tech M4 brakes. They are custom to match the red color that you can find everywhere on the bike.

freins hope

Bruno gave us the opportunity to ride its demo bike. This Yelli Screamy is surprising.

Contrary to our first idea, the bike is easy to launch. It crunches the whoops fluently. We find here the benefits of a 29er without a doubt.
The stiffness of the frame (you can ever try to feel the pliancy of the seatstays..) is softened by our excellent position on the bike.

So you understand that we discover on the test track only the “good boy” face of this Yelli Screamy. It would be so exciting to discover the bad boy side !

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