Charge bikes customs your saddle

Charge bikes customs your saddle

Charge Bikes, the UK company, innovates on its website presenting a new service based on a saddle customization program. If you know what is Nikeid, you won’t get lost on the saddle configurator created by Charge Bikes.
Based on the Spoon model, the customer decides the colors of each element of the saddle, from the main cover to the stitching.

charge bike_saddle custom

Contrary to nikeid, you cannot set a free tag on the product (can’t put your name or nickname on it). But you can’t put titanium rails on your shoes ^^

Price starts at £69.99 and increases with options. It’s a long time since we were waiting such a online customization for bike components.
It would be a perfect idea for christmas gift if the expected delivery time was not 30 days..

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