Contes Engineering creates a quad fatbike

Contes Engineering creates a quad fatbike

PICTURES / TORI AVA PHOTOGRAPHY – from Contes Engineering – facebook

Imagine one second a quadricycle equipped with 29′ fatwheels and ready for pedaling ?
This is the idea of Contes Engineering with its Athos Gen2 Sand & Snow Quad.

The brand already did the buzz two years ago with its quad but mounted with standard BMX wheels (a version with mtb wheels exists also)

Yesterday, on their facebook page, we discover an awesome and sexy quad with big wheels.

contes engineering

32 inches width, independant suspensions, 9 inches of travel front / rear, 11 speeds, this Athos is ready for more than beach crusing. Athos creates each quad individually with the quotes of each buyer to fit the geometry. This beauty will cost you from 6 885$ – you can buy a small car with this money but compared to premium mountainbikes, you have something differents for sure with this quadricycle.

And you find on it some components you may know on your full suspension bike..

suspension quad fat bike

There is only one question we have : is the widht enough to be secure and well balanced on the trails ?

Nevertheless, if we meet this quad one day, we’ll stop to try it for sure !

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There are 5 comments

  • JORGE DAME says:

    Agradeceré informarme sobre modelos y precios del cuadriciclo. Soy de Argentina, quisiera saber como obtenerlo en este pais, o como importarlo.
    Muchas gracias.

  • Al Alvarado says:

    I want one very very cool when are they going to b for sale

  • James says:

    I can buy a motorized 750 cc four wheeler for less money and after I ware the motor out, with few cuts and weld make one.

  • Monier David says:

    En revenant de Vacances j’ ai aperçu un FatBike dans une vitrine, déjà là j’ étais surpris, mais alors avec 4 roues ?!
    Wouaw, je voudrais bien m’ en acheter un pour aller travailler. Franchement je dis CHAPEAU !!!

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