Coverage Sea Otter – Day 1

Coverage Sea Otter – Day 1

Thanks to Jenson USA, we are able to give you those overviews on new products or bicycles presented at Sea Otter 2014.

Here are the first products spotted on our DAY 1 of the coverage.

Oversize handlebars ready for trail / All mountain

easton haven 35 2015

Easton decides to use the 35mn oversize diameter to its all mountain range Haven. New handlebars (carbon and alloy) of 750mn width are ready to be assembled with the new Haven stem (available in 40, 50, 70 and 90mn).

MRP seems also to work on the same way as you can see on this Santa Cruz demo bike equipped also with a MRP fork.

mrp handlebar

Fork around: Rockshox RS-1, Fox 36 2015 and DT Swiss optimization

Rockshox RS-1

The new inverted fork from Rockshox has the attribute of a world class product. It’s also a good way for bike brands to attract people on their new bike or frames. US is the country of 29er and the RS-1 is for now only ready for the big size wheel. We are waiting Day 2 and more of the coverage to judge the global attractivity of the new fork.

rockshox RS-1 2015 inverted fork

Fox 36 2015

The new enduro fork of Fox has a great challenge in front of it: trying to chase Rockshox Pike.
For a good start, Fox declines its 36 for all size wheels and a global coverage of travel. Nevertheless, 150mn are only offered to 29ers to make it clear: the 36 is not here to joke and ready to engage on stoned trails. The 36 targets without a doubt the new trend of “super enduro” mountain bikes (santa cruz nomad 3c, GT sanction…)

New colors have a taste of Magnum best friend helicopter and kick you back in the eighties..^^

Fox 36 2015

DT Swiss optimizes its pushloc

Not many details yet but DT Swiss works on its pushloc system because it was breaking when locked out on dt for and from a 1 piece to 2 piece body. Picture is a nice opportunity to admire the Eriksen titanium frame

DT swiss 2015

Ibis Cycles and extra width rims

To enter a new market, Ibis decides to be smart. A new conventional carbon offer could not emerge in front of competitors such as Enve, Easton or DT Swiss. Key idea of the new Ibis rims is to propose extra width carbon rims because they are convinced of benefits of a largest ground contact of the tires to increase grip and traction (with less pressure).

ibis carbon rims

Rims exposed here are 741 for27.5 and 941 for 29er. 41 means 41mn of width. It explains the super width appareance of those wheels. It calls also some questions regarding the clearance offered by some frames… Does this can be a problem ? Not for Ibis models since the wheels will be proposed OE.

ibis cycles carbon wheels

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