Girls of the 2015 Cycle Passion Calendar

Girls of the 2015 Cycle Passion Calendar

It seems that the 6 girls of the 2015 calendar of Cycle Passion are almost ready for the next season with their shaped and athletic bodies !
As we also now that you and your social network activity are in good terms, here are the links of the athlet pages of the rider to keep in touch.

January: Anneke Beerten
February: Manon Carpenter
March: Naime Diesner
April: Marion Rousse
May: Tahnée Seagrave
June: Myriam Nicole
July: Anneke Beerten
August: Manon Carpenter
September: Sofia Wiedenroth
October: Rebekka Markert
November: Marion Rousse
December: Myriam Nicole

The calendar is already available on its dedicated online store.

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