Dictionary of cycling parts – Rebecca J Kaye

Dictionary of cycling parts – Rebecca J Kaye

Rebecca is a designer coming from Edinburgh and she has (for sure) a passion for cycling.
I found one of her work on a bike blog and i discover on her website a full collection of creatives very inspirationnal for bike lovers. What is fun is that all the creatives are linked on a common theme : many words used in the bike language have an equivalent in the “real” life.

rebecca creative bike

So Rebecca, every week, publishes on her site a new creative. She says about the Weekly workings project :

The weekly workings project came about from a screen print I was thinking about, which was comparing a camera to a bicycle in the sense that they’re both ‘viewfinders’. This got me thinking about other words relating to bicycles, which can represent something entirely different in the non-cycling world. I thought it would be a good idea to visualise these different objects side by side as a visual dictionary of sorts for bicycle parts.
I’m planning on continuing the weekly workings with a new theme towards the end of the month and I’ll be producing a poster of all the parts once I’ve finished the project.


I invite you to visit the website of Rebecca (

Copyright : REBECCA J KAYE

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