Girls on bike : equipment – part 1

Girls on bike : equipment – part 1

Maybe you’re lucky and you find your girlfriend on a bikepark… otherwise, you may know that ridding with his girlfriend is not easy.. and even if you manage one time to ride together, you’ll never know when the next ride will come…

@mtb-check, we tested differents ways to optimize your frequency – from some basics to more aspirationnal moves. Here is the first part, dedicated to basic equipment that you do not have to forget if you want to get a A+ !

Need to invest a little !

You’re not dreaming.. we won’t talk about bike choice in this first topic because there are some things more important according to us.
We select two products, useful to ride with some comfort and one important for the security.. do you know what we mean ??

The indispensable bike helmet

A good & nice bike helmet is much more appreciated. Big mistake is to think that you can recycle one of your old helmet… it’s an error because :

  • Size would not be adapted most of the time
  • Many chance that your helmet stinks a lot
  • with a non-adapted colour to girl-eyes

For a not-expensive purchase (less than 50$), we find this good looking MET 20 MILES helmet, that associated a good cover with a smart design.

casque met

Do not forget down…

Today, many of us considers that it’s not possible to ride without a good bike short that protect your buttocks. Do not forget that…
To avoid the classical competition look with the cycling tight, we find this smart Endura Short (with a recall of pink color…) that will be stress less and more comfortable – of course, this model is useful because you can remove the under-short
short endura

Those two products will be tested by our official new girl rider (thanks Isa, you just read that and you are quite happy) within the next few weeks – Isa will write complete reviews on mtb-check.

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There are 2 comments

  • lew says:

    Sympa cet article ! c’est cool de rouler avec sa chérie, moi le seul vrai truc que j’ai trouvé, la mienne n’étant pas du tout amatrice de matos, vêtements etc, et n’aimant pas des masses le pilotage, c’est le tandem ! on a piqué plusieurs fois le tandem VTT Lapierre de mes parents et on a fait de supers sorties.

  • cidi2131 says:

    le tendem est la meilleur des solutions, mais si elle veut ètre autonome , il y a plein de modèles différents pour le vtt adaptés à leur morphologie , et tailles (s ou m ) pour les tenues yen a plein aussi ;) avec des super couleurs…moi j’ai résolu le pblem , j’ai “viré” la gente féminine et gardé ma “monture” de 1999…elle au moins de me trahira JAMAIS ;)

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