(p)review Asterion FSP wheels

(p)review Asterion FSP wheels

Asterion FSP

The wheels are an essential component for a bicycle. In fact, they are largely responsible for the dynamism and the restlessness of the whole. They also contribute to the comfort and performance of the bike. The top of the wheel is of course the hand made, but even here it was unaffordable. Worse, an assembly with all components produced in France is more ultra confidential. Asterion, a French company specialized in the Lyon region, is  making this which  more accessible to the market. The Asterion FSP (French Spirit) is the first incarnation. Assembled with 100% French components: Aivee hub, a rim of spokes and nipples from Mach1, the FSP look’s good. We have tested this wheels for nearly two months in all possible conditions.

The first impression out of the box is excellent, we have been the wheels comes in a special packaging that protects them during transport to the eye saw fit and finish are treated. There are also adapters for different sizes front and rear axle. The wheels are supplied with the kit mounted tubeless, but without valves. The decor is applied with stickers, simple but they have resisted well to the different weather conditions during our test period. Out of curiosity, we also checked the tension  steady of the rays repeatedly. It has not changed one iota over the two months of testing. Well no veil appeared.

On the trail

The first kilometers are the first thing highlighted. FSP are obviously comfortable freewheel is particularly silent and takes action without any delay witch is also a very pleasant specificity. Dynamic issue, the wheels show dynamism correct, raises are effective but not thundering. In contrast, the response in tension is impressive, the wheels respond instantly and perfectly on towing an abrupt steep paths.
You’ll understand that you can now offer a pair of wheels “hand sewn” for a reasonable sum, which are more fully made in France.

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