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Elle roule bien mais pas seulement

Elle roule bien mais pas seulement

Un bon terrain de jeu, un Ancilotti et un truc pas habituel dans une vidéo de VTT
A la fin, on ne sait pas ce qu’est la gravity mafia mais promis, on va mener l’enquête !

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  • scentofreason dit :

    Didn’t ‘Bike Rumor’ just put this video up and pull it down in less than one day???

    MTB-Check, you will forever be considered a dirty sexist website unless you immediately post a video of a male rider with a gopro mounted on the down tube pointed at his crotch while the guy shreds a mountain with his balls hanging out. Your call, but don’t wait too long, the women are waiting for their ‘show’.

    • Quentin dit :

      sure that we’ll put online a video with some balls outside as soon as we’ll find it !
      We share this video and there is no sexism or any idea of reducing women as only a pair of boobs. Every one watching the vid says that the girl shreds a lot on her bike. And just click on this link to see that we have here @mtb-check a lot of humor & self-joke abilities :

      Cheers, quentin

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