Greetings from Canfield Brothers

Greetings from Canfield Brothers

Canfield Brothers works hard to have a great 2015 sales season. The french importer structures drops us news about evolutions of products. The rythm of Canfield is unbelievable.. in the market industry, “small” cies have the key advantages of nimbleness and can adapt the production quickly.

3 examples today with Canfield Brothers

DH Jedi goes 650b

There were no choice. 650b rimes with DH for 2015 and the Jedi adapts the lenght of main tubes without changing its DNA.

canfield brothers jedi 2015 650b

Specs do not change: 240×76 rearshock, 1,5 inches headset, BB 83mm.
Colors stays also the same: anodized black with brillant stickers, linkage: black, green DVO, red, blue, silver or orange
First delivery beginning of 2015.

Metric                                              Small                 Medium                Large                    XLarge
Top Tube Length (Effective) A   559mm             584mm                 610mm                 635mm
Top Tube Length (Actual) B       494mm             521mm                  550mm                579mm
Reach C                                         394mm             419mm                  445mm                470mm
Standover Height D                     698.5mm          698.5mm              698.5mm            698.5mm
Seat Tube Length E                    394mm             419mm                  445mm                470mm
Wheel Base F                                 1169mm            1196mm                1226mm              1252mm
Head Tube Angle (Internal) G        63°                     63°                          63°                       63°
Head Tube Angle (External) H       62.5°                 62.5°                       62.5°                    62.5°
Chainstay Length J                       426mm            426mm                  426mm                426mm
Bottom Bracket Height K            355.6mm        355.6mm                355.6mm             355.6mm
Head Tube length L                      110mm            115mm                    125mm                  125mm

Limited edition of the Balance “Le Fire”

We want to see the bike in real condition but this red with some touche of blood orange could be super smart on this new enduro frame. If you’re allergic to colors, we invite you to watch a quick bikecheck of a raw / silver Balance.

Canfield Brothers Balance LE Fire

Crampons pedals gets fluo & mate effect

Canfield Crampons are the finest pedals of the market (1 cm high) and celebrate the upcoming season with some flashy colors and /or mate effect. Hey Canfield Bros, can you pimp my ride !?? ^^

pédales canfield crampon magnesium fluo

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