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Santa Cruz Nomad 3c

Santa Cruz Nomad 3c

From MOJO SUSPENSION / photo: Tom Wheeler | Eyesdown Films

For the day, we select this fresh Santa Cruz Nomad 3c that has been prepared by Mojo Suspension and shooted in their super clean workshop. Mojo Supension is a suspension bike specialist (maintenance and adapted settings to bike & rider) and the only UK authorized center to maintain & after-sale Fox products.

Before voting, we know that there is something wrong in our hot or not concept. Most of the time, we present sweet bikes. Main consequence is that the average rating never comes below 6 or 7. And today, we think we won’t change the game concerning the trend of the ratings. Main stake might be to check if this SC will become the first bike to get an average rate above 9/10.. or not !

It’s up to you to decide ^^


[FR] yellow nomad 3c

fyi, this is the new ride of Neil Donoghue, both rider & coach to improve your mtb skills.

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