How Facebook helps the brands : Production Privée

How Facebook helps the brands : Production Privée

We decide to make a stop today on Facebook ans to see how some brands use the social network to communicate strong messages that can impact directly their image and brand notoriety. Many of them use Facebook only for release some hotnews or great content. Some others, such as Production Privée, find on Facebook a unique way to dispatch some impacting content.

Production Privée sells the Shan, a chromoly hardtail frame that has a lot of success since its reveal few months ago. Production Privée thinks that it could be great to show how a Shan is produced and to prove that Asia is not a synonym of bad quality at all. And subcontracting a good choice for such a company and brand project.

You know that the power of images is strong. So i choose a photo from one of the most famous bike company, Intense Cycles. Everybody knows that they keep the manufacturing of their frame in the USA.

So below, here is a picture coming from Intense factory..

intense cycles made in usa

And one of the picture uploaded by Production Privée on Facebook…

monteur soudeur usine production privée

The comparison works well, is not it ?

Production Privée bets more on quality than in quantity since the creation of the company. And a brand ambassador such as Cedric Gracia brings this image of professionalism and products created by pro for pro.

check qualité production privée

When a company has this kind of brand positioning, it could be complicated to manage the image of sub-contracting process. Potential clients are in love and passion with bikes and they can expect a local craftsman work process from a local company (think about Home Bicycles).
I think it’s really a great job from PP to show how their frame are produced, how they go there to check assembly process and quality.

Because you need sometimes only few pics to be secured and convinced..

Check the illustrated and commented photo album on facebook : how to make a Shan

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  • mickeymode says:

    Intense s’est lancé à fond dans le carbone made in asia quand même.

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