Lapierre Zesty 314 here on bikecheck

Lapierre Zesty 314 here on bikecheck

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[tab title="WHO ARE YOU ?"]

Jean-Baptiste, quick presentation !

hi, i’m Jean-Baptiste. I’m 22 and i live in the north of France, close to Lille !

When do you start pedalling ?

I learned when i was kid like everyone but i really start mountainbiking from 2008.

What were your bikes before ?

My very first mountainbike was a Rockrider 5.2 – i still have it on the garage. And then, i bought a Lapierre X-control 210 2009. And then the Zesty on which you’ll have a look now ! Each of my bikes have been tuned.

lapierre zesty 314 cadre


[tab title="WHY A ZESTY"]

For which reasons did you choose the all mountain Zesty ?

My X-control has been my very first performance mountainbike – I chose this trail bike with 120mn of travel because i thought i could do anything with this bike in my area. At the end, I was a bit disappointed because the bike was good everywhere but with a lack of charm – good everywhere, excellent no where. So, after two years on its saddle, i had to make a choice : XC or real All mountain bike. I took the way of the fun with an all mountain bike.. so here is the Zesty !

lapierre zesty 314 2011

Why 314 ?

I was looking for an alloy frame – not convinced with carbon frame from Lapierre. the 514 got a carbon rear stays – over got a full carbon frame. So i had two choice : the 214 – but definitively lower end, and the 314, with its very nice light grey paint.

The bike was equipped correctly. It was not easy at a time where Lapierre sucks a little on the choice of suspensions and components for its bikes. I already knew that i will set an adjustable seatpost and a larger handlebar. wheelset were quickly on the target..


[tab title="UPGRADES"]

View from the cockpit

The Zesty, even if it’s a 140mn bike, was equipped such as a big XC bikes – with an elongated position that pushs you to the front of the bike. To correct that, i changed the stem for a shorter one (90mn to 70mn) and i installed a Race Face Atlas handlebar with 725mn width. You can see now a cut version of the Renthal fatbar (780 mn reduced to 740mn). And you have to know that i’m also keen of the Renthal grips, the perfect combo to feel secure on your ride !
cintre renthal lapierre zesty


For the wheels, i invest on a Mavic Crossmax ST tubeless wheelset – without a doubt one of my best idea !
For the brakes system, Formula RX were good but i’m in love with the look and reputation of the Hope Tech M4 – with 183mn rotor front / rear. They have a quite good endurance and are also very smooth.. maybe too smoothy since it’s very difficult to stick the wheels for a slipping party !

Modifications lapierre zesty 314

I removed the Fox float 140 for a Fox Talas kashima 150-120 that accepts a 15mn front axle. It’s my first experience with an adjustable travel on a fork and I am disappointed. First, as the fork works well (when it’s not on maintenance), you do not need to play with the blue button to change the attitude of the forl. Secondly, the reliability of the system does not match the reputation of the brand. My fork went one time to the after sale service of Fox before some holidays at X1 racing..). Regarding the Kashima treatment, i just could say one thing : it’s very nice but don’t ask me if it’s really better than standard layers.

On the same stage, i was not lucky with the Float R – I had the opportunity to buy a RP23 with CTD at a good price. It was not easy to find the settings that matches my wishes but everything is ok now with my rear shock.

Drivetrain, tyres and some others components…

I do not modify the drivetrain – just some maintenances changes on rings and rollers on the derailleur – KCNC are perfect and much more better than standard rollers.

I mount also an adjustable seatpost when i need it – after a test with a Reverb, i adopt the KS supernatural (125mn lenght).

For the pedals, i tried to convince myself that clips pedals will be better for my rides. Crankbrothers, Shimano.. and at the end, some flat pedals coming from Hope with a black F20 set. And i’m in love with it !

pédales hope F20

For the tyres, i have two sets. Toro for winter (more versatile than others 100% muddy profiles) and Cougar front / Cobra rear for summer. Both of them are tubeless and hardskin. So it’s easy to guess that Hutchinson is my preferred brand.


[tab title="HOPE ADDICT"]

It seems that you have an addiction trouble with Hope Components ? Can you talk about ?

hope components addict

Yes, it’s good to be a Hope addict. I always like the english brand – sobriety, local production, quality… and it’s good to see that the brand do not change its line of products every year. You can buy a Hope product and be up to date for several years !


[tab title="FROM YOUR HEART"]

Do you manage to change seriously the behavior of your mountainbike ?

I will lie if i told you that my Zesty is very far from the standard version. What I could say is that i manage to upgrade the bike without loosing the original character of the bike (tight but fun and ready to engage). It’s more safe, more fun, and more reliable.

Which component is priceless for you and unremovable from your bike ?

Easy : i will keep the wheelset Mavic crossmax st

If you have to add a last upgrade ?

I could be seduced by a 2×10 set up… the coming months will tell us that.. or not !

transmission vtt shimano

To conclude, if you have to do it again ?

I will do it, but maybe i will try to find directly a frame kit to build.

[/tab][tab title="SHOPPING LIST"]
Frame: zesty 314 alloy 7005 Syst Lapierre OST 140mm
Fork: fox 32 talas 120-150 15QR TAPERED white 2012
Rear Shock: fox rp23 kashima high volume 200×57,15mm
Wheels: Mavic Crossmax ST 2011
Brakes: HOPE tech evo M4
Bottom bracket : shimano integrated bearings BB SMPP 7141A
Crankset: shimano slx 10 speed -175mn  – rings 24x32x42 (24&32 en XT)
Front derailleur : shimano slx 3 rings
Rear detailleur : shimano xt 10speed with KCNC
Shifters : Shimano SLX, no speeds indicator & matchmakers
Stem: Hope XC/AM noire 70mm, 0°
Handlebar: Renthal fatbar 780mm->740mm + grip renthal médium
Seatpost : Hope Eternity ou KS Supernatural -125mn


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