Leo’s Cotic Soul hardtail

Leo’s Cotic Soul hardtail

New mountainbike coming from Sweden !

After the introduction to the new Canyon Torque Trailflow, Leo (and Natasja behind the camera) from Hillside Cycling presents a new bicycle, a dashing figure Cotic Soul on a very green paint. This bicycle has been selected by the great Vitalmtb as a bike of the day. It’s now our turn to celebrate this bicycle with some comments of the owners.

Hi Hillside Cycling ! A new bike again, you never stop !?

Yes, this is one of my four mountain bikes. This bike will also be available as a rental bike for our guests on our guided mountain bike tours here in Gothenburg.

We understand that you and Cotic is not a young story…

I think that the Cotic Soul frame is the best steel hardtail that is available for all mountain and technical trail riding.

vtt cotic
I built my first Soul back in 2004 and it’s still going strong and that is a very good reason for buying one more. :-)

About the frame

Many of the bikes that are used a lot here in Gotheburg do finally break and give up, but the steel Cotic Soul takes the beating without blinking. The steel frame is both light and agile. The harder you ride the bike – the more it lives up and shines. Also, I prefer the trail geometry of the Soul, with a longer top tube the frame has still low standover height.

cotic soul hardtail

The Soul is my favourite bike all time – if I’d only choose one bike to own this would be my do it all bike!

Focus on the wheelset

The components were carefully selected with both esthetics and functionality in mind. Since it’s a trail bike, it’s equipped with a little beefier components than a regular crosscountry bike. I did begin with the wheelbuilding first. I wanted wheels that were both strong and easy to maintain. The Spank Oozy rims are light and strong and nice looking in white. The hubs are Halo Spin Doctor Pro’s, with a freehub that can be opened and greased easy. Laced up with 3 cross spoke pattern the wheels are very strong

spank oozy wheels

The tires are my all mountain favourites from Schwalbe, Wicked Will 2,35″ PaceStar. They give traction everywhere (wet roots, slick rocks, dry rocks), superior edge grip and do roll pretty good.

Shimano Zee group for drivetrain & brakes

The crankset, shifter and rear derailleur is from the new Shimano Zee series. The front chainring is a narrow wide ring from Race Face with 32 teeth. Together with the ZEE Shadow+ derailleur and a 11-36 cassette it makes the perfect gearing for all mountain riding. I was thinking of getting a OneUp 42t ring for the rear cassette first, but since the bike is that light the 36t will be enough for most of the climbs.

shimano zee

about brakes choice..

I’m a big fan of Shimano brakes and the new ZEE brakes do perform brilliantly. Even if 160 mm brake rotors should have been enough, I did go for the 180 mm both front and rear. They do look better on the bike and give awesome one finger brake power.

Front of the bike: cockpit & fork

The controls, handlebar, stem and seatpost was chosen from the Truvativ AKA series because of their good looks and colors. About the grips, I always use Lock-ons and the Lizard Skinz Logo grips are very comfy and stylish.

truvativ aka

Finally, the Rockshox Sektor 130 mm fork is spot on for this bike. Very plush travel and light weight. And it’s also easy to service.


Message of mtb-check: After this bikecheck, i do not how i will feel with my fat full suspension bike ^^

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