marketing versus common sense ?

marketing versus common sense ?

In the last 10 days, i read two news that are fun to compare..
The first one came with the coverage of Superenduro at Finale Ligure. This “breaking” news is the first spyshots of 2014 Specialized Enduro 29er. It’s only a few week since we discover 2013 lines up and Specialized manages this incredible performance with this buzz around its new 29er.
Just remenber that we are still in 2012..


The second news comes from a french company, Caminade, which launches two new mtbs. The guys @Caminade just wrote a text on their blog and it’s interesting to read it. They explains us that they are against the current trend of creating new millesimes every year, because it’s a non-sense.

caminade velo français

It’s pretty clear that a young brand such as Caminade can not produce or update a new bicycle every year. There are many economical reasons for that (first production batchs, first orders) but what they explain is full of sense : is it really necessary to update products every year, as far as a bike is an expensive product and only a few branch of riders are able to buy a new bicycle every year ? They are also right when they say that most of the frameset are designed to hold many years.. it’s true.

The debate is open since we have two evidences in front of us.

For Brands
They have to communicate and to make the show every year to keep notoriety and sex appeal.
They can support branded content sometimes, sponsored pro riders but they have to show hot products when they stand on exhibition shows (that are the base of communication from April to September). A solution for brands would be working on some concept bikes.. Car industry do that a lot.. maybe a good way to make the buzz and to make public dream a little bit

For public and riders
Can you imagine a season without new products coming from the brands ? No hot news on internet, magazine… ??
Yes, it’s easy to claim that marketing is bad and so on.. but every rider is a part of the system.

There is one important thing to keep in mind : everybody can decide which kind of riders-consumers he wants to be.
And they are not cool brands and bad brands.. it’s just a question of your agreement in front of the brand proposals.

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