Maxxis Advantage Tubetype long term test

Maxxis Advantage Tubetype long term test


Maxxis Advantage 2.25 tubetype
Foldable bead.
700 gr per tires.



Tested on Notubes Arch rims (no tubes needed on those rims which accepts tubetype).
Front and rear.
Mounted on a santacruz blur LT2.
Used for 5 months, all type of grounds.

maxxis advantage on mtb wheels


Maxxis describes its tyres like this

Alison Dunlap designed the ADvantage as a high volume aggressive cross country tire that corners great on big side-knobs. It also climbs and brakes with authority thanks to the opposing parallelogram center tread design. Ramped center knobs keep rolling resistance minimal and the wide lug spacing sheds mud easily.

The width of the tires we tested is more in line with a all mountain / enduro practices.
Some tires look tight but it’s not the case of our Maxxis Advantage. You have in front of you very large tires, there is no doubt. Real 2.25.

tyres maxxis advantage
They are excellent on dry conditions, on rocky trails or soft ground in the wood. There is no bad sensations concerning the lateral grip.
Another key point is that the gum employed in this tyre looks hard. Direct effect, we did not meet any punctures with them. Indeed, rocky trails were not the main type of ground ridden during our test but some undergrowths are also full of surprises.


The rolling band is made of well-spaced knobs. When Maxxis said that mud goes off easily, it’s right.
Into the mud, there is a double handicap :
> you keep an efficient lateral grip but the tire slips a little bit. Knobs are not enough heavy.
> The super width section of the tire is not an “advantage” when you ask your tires more motricity on the mud. A closer tirer will be more able to enter the mud and find more dry elements.


Maxxis Advantage could be considered as real versatile tyreset if they were chosen with less width. In this case, and if you do not have 6 months winter in front of you, you can ride those tires non-stop without any problems. If you want to keep Maxxis tires on your bike, you can have a look on Medusa that are really dedicated to wet conditions.

So, it is not a “coup de foudre” but they know to be forgotten. This is important to us when you don’t have to be worried about a component.
Last point, do not hesitate to pump up them well, of course without exceeded the preconization.

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