Mondraker Vantage RR 2014

Mondraker Vantage RR 2014


This is more than a trend in our small world of mountainbiking.

Method : build a solid hardtail, in alloy or steel, choose a medium-travel fork around 140mn/150mn to eat the trails.
Target: guys that ride full suspension bikes (all mountain or enduro) and who want to come back to the origin of their sport : a simple bicycle, able to do anything, bringing some high experience, more fun for less.

Production Privée has launched the Shan two years ago with this idea – Commencal believes a lot in this concept for 2014 with the creation of a Meta HardTail (HT) range of products, instead of the Ramones.

So here si the point of view of Mondraker, that introduces the VANTAGE in its 2014 catalog.

mondraker vantage RR

We already talked about the DNA of Mondraker – and there are no doubt for the Vantage : it matches the actual design of Mondraker bikes using the Forward Geometry Concept. The (long) top tube looks like the ones you can find on some big bikes such as the Dune or the Summum. The rear triangle is more radical and straight to the point with massive seatstays.

For the equipment, the 140mn fork from Fox, the bash on the crank, the adjustable seat post and the clean cockpit offers to the visitor a clear vision of what the bike is able to do : shredding with a lot of fun !

forward geometry mondraker

This green version is the Vantage RR – on top of the range with the finest equipment. Two others models are available, the red one is the basic version (Vantage) and the blue one the Vantage R.

mondraker vantage

here are the geomety of the new frame – available in 4 sizes.

geometrie mondraker vantage

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    C’est bon ça !

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