Mucky Nutz bender fender xl

Mucky Nutz bender fender xl


We are still kids… a mud puddle is always our friend and most of the time, it’s funny to ride it.
Even if it’s also a trophy to get back home with a super muddy mountain bike – it could be interesting to protect both the mountain bike and the rider – simply to ride safety.

We just tested a very fashion mudguard, the Mucky Nutz Bender Fender XL

vtt all mountain

This Mucky Nutz costs around 16€, it’s 3€ more than the basic version which does not go beyond the arch, front of the fork.

garde boue avant vtt

The setup of the mudguard is very simple. if you already have to mount an Expedit from Ikea, this will not be a stress for you.

mucky nutz xl

The scratch strips do the job – you have to stress them a lot to have the right adjustment and to eliminate the risks of moves.
After 2 months of use, we did not need to rectify the strips – basically a simple but efficient system.

mucky nuts garde boue

We finish with the main informations: does it work ?

This XL front mudguard does the job for the upper body and prevents your eyes to mud squirts (not 100% but it’s ok..).
Compared to the basic version used by a friend, we don’t note huge differences of efficiency.

But main important thing is simple: a downtube mudguard is still an interesting option to protect the rest of your bike and a part of your clothes.
Mucky Nutz knows that and sells also this stuff.

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