New Orange Alpine Five 29er

New Orange Alpine Five 29er

Orange Bikes introduces a new bike yesterday.. the Alpine Five on two complete bike versions: Alpine Five AM and Alpine Five RS.
But there is something strange: the bike looks like a Five 29 – this last is not anymore on the catalog. We look at the geometry between the Five 29 and the Alpine Five and it seems to be exactly the same.

So, as far as the brand doest not inform us about some changes, the Alpine Five is a renaming of the Five 29, the rear suspension continue to use 140mn of travel.

Alpine Five AM

From £2850, this version looks like a all rounder with its 2×10 drivetrain and fox float suspensions.

orange alpine 29

Alpine Five RS

R for racing and S for sport maybe.. this proposed a bike ready for some enduros. Pike and Monarch plus manages the suspensions and an exclusive drivetrain sets the program: 30T ring associated with a 11-36 cassette. Some climbs might seem rather long for your thights.

Put £1000 more for this complete mtb.

orange bike alpine five RS

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