New Rocky Mountain Blizzard fatbike

New Rocky Mountain Blizzard fatbike

If we (try to) think a little, the past situation was not logical. How a brand such as Rocky Mountain can not have a fatbike offer on its range ?
This question is no longer up to date since we receive this morning a PR from Rocky announcing the launch of the Blizzard, the first fatbike ready for all soft grounds (snow, sand…). The Blizzard will be for sure one of the star of the SO 2014 that starts today.

En y repensant, c’est vrai que la situation n’était pas logique pour deux sous. Comment une marque comme Rocky Mountain pouvait faire l’impasse jusque là sur le marché émergent et sans doute bien juteux du fatbike !

It seems that the new fatbike is not a basical hardtail with more width but a new bike from scratch. Designers and products guys at Rocky Mountain wanted to recognize on their fatbike the fun & player side, the trademark of each RM bicycles !

rocky mountain blizzard 2015

About the alloy frame of the Blizzard

> 1-ring ready but compatible with a 2x drivetrain.
> ready for super-width tyres (up to 4.7).
> accepts 100mn suspension fork
> welcomes dedicated bags to travel and to store a part of your camping equipments.

Rocky mountain Blizzard

We guess your expert eyes do not miss the fork ahead of the bike. This is the Bluto, the very first fork for fatbike developed by Rockshox. This is a world premiere and we already find some key informations about it.

To conclude, here is the geometry of the Blizzard. We notice the short top tube lenght to provide more agility and a better handling.

geometrie fatbike rocky mountain blizzard

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  • Jo says:

    Bonjour svp ou peut on le trouver
    Dans le nord de la France !!!!

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