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Overview Radon Slide 160 Carbon 650B

Overview Radon Slide 160 Carbon 650B

Radon is a German brand less known in France than some others such as Canyon, Cube or Rose. But during the last months, the brand did the buzz many times, through innovating product presentation (2 bikes launched in a bobsleigh track for the slide 130) or some bikes always presented in good company !

We got the news few weeks ago that the brand was ready to launch its first full-suspension carbon frame. This is the bike that the product manager of Radon described to us before a quick test. You see the blue sky on the picture – so it indicates the place of this meeting: the Roc d’Azur two weeks ago.

Information : equipments you will see on pictures do not match ones available beginning of 2014 on the 10.0 version of the Slide 160 carbon.
Bike is ready to ship on Radon website

Let’s go !

radon slide 160 enduro bike

Suspension travel of 160mn drops usually bicycles into the case “enduro bikes”. It’s not true for this Slide 160 because two others models do the job – the SLide 150 e-series and a little free-ride / big enduro called Swoop 175. As you can see on the main photo here, the Slide 160 carbon does not look a bike strictly dedicated to enduro races but a sweet all-mountain bike.

Nevertheless, the carbon Slide is not a small bike for sure – wheelbase is generous and the big Schwalbe Hans Dampfs in 2.3 sections / 650B help the bike to be well installed on the floor.

radon slide carbon 160 2014

Frame is announced at less than 2kg without shock. Complete bike in the premium version will land under 12kg without a doubt.
Frame design includes the latest standards such as tapered headset, internal cable routing and a 12-Syntace rear axle.

The Carbon Slide respects also the tradition of german brands to use horst link suspension design. No virtual point, no floating shock – everything here is clear and simple – after all, a four-bar-linkage never prevents a suspension design to work well.

radon slide horst link

The surprise comes from the “cosmetic” of the frame – Radon used many times flashy colors (the must is for sure the Slide 130 full orange). Nothing comparable here with smart choices to leave carbon material visible and some yellow/green neon stickers to brand the mountainbike.

We saw also a full white version of this slide carbon, with black markings.

radon slide carbon front


The bike has been tested in the track built by the organization of the Roc. The loop was composed of two whoops section, some banked turns and two tables. The floor was sleek such as a highway !
Here are the comments of Lionel, happy rider @mtb-check

radon slide in action

Fork & rear shock settings done, i felt immediatly good on the bike, the handlebar comes naturally to my hands. The lightness of the bike is easy to experience.

There is one important thing that comes to me quickly: bike is safe with a great ability to keep its line and to be revived after technical sections.

in action with radon bikes

Suspensions works well on the table sections – fork & rear shock seems to work in concert without eating too much travel. This is the main difference i see with other four-bar-linkage settings – the Radon uses its travel without too much excess. This needs to be confirm on real conditions and rocky sections.

radon en vol

At the end, i can say that the Radon slide 160 looks and works good, and is easy-to-ride for most riders.

I forget to tell you that i did not see at the beginning that it was a 27.5 inches mountainbike…i’m so stunned. But i consider this “accident” as a good point for the bike since it seems to combine both agility and stability.

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