Overview Rotor 3D XC2 and Q-RINGS

Overview Rotor 3D XC2 and Q-RINGS

Rotor France sends us a brand new 3D XC2 crankset with 2 oval chainrings called Q-RINGS. We will test this mount during the next few weeks. We are pleased to test this crankset since it’s a long time we have heard a lot of things about oval rings. It’s now time for us to test it and getting our own point of view.
rotor 3D XC2

Quickly, the promise of oval chainrings is a global optimisation of the pedaling, with a better distribution of the power and less fatigue for a similar effort. You can choose the position of the rings (on the crankset) according to your level and your use of oval stuff. It will help you to start with this new system or to adapt the system to your style and power.

pedalier rotor Q rings

We mounted the set 3D XC2 + Q-RINGS on our santa cruz blur LT2 – equipped before with a 2×10 shimano XT crankset.

It’s time to ride now !

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