Panaracer Driver Pro 26 quick overview

Panaracer Driver Pro 26 quick overview

Panaracer is a brand that smells America, infinite singles and Cédric Gracia, who is the brand ambassador for a few years now with its own line of tires (with CG knobs to “print” the ground).
All of that is not exact.. Panaracer reminds Panasonic.. one of the biggest Japanese company specialized in a lot of activities (technology, health…)

In france, the brand is imported and distributed by Probikeshop, the online retailer. It’s through the shop that we receive those tires for a review. It was mid-march. Our owful spring period do not allow us to test those tires – really adapted for dry grounds.

Here is the presentation of those tires – before a complete review at the send of the summer.

Driver Pro Profile

No, it’s not a dream. It’s 26 inches tires – 26 wheels still exists ^^

panaracer driver pro 26 overview

You can see here the profile : Medium knobs around and a central tread with very little knobs to offer grip without bother the speed. those 2×10 tires are tubeless ready and soft carcass. They are ready for dry conditions – especially on rocky sections.

Technologies inside

Tubeless ready
technology : anti rebound gom that avoids 40% punctures compared to standard tires.
ZSG Natural Compound” gom : a Panaracer innovation for an efficient grip and durabilité


530 gr, according to the manufacturer

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