Problemsolversbike Shimano+SRAM matchmaker

Problemsolversbike Shimano+SRAM matchmaker

Matchmaker role is to fix the shifter to the brake clamp, that avoids to get too much clamps on your handlebar. It’s a problem when you have to manage both the brakes, the shifters, and maybe the poplocks of your suspensions.

shimano sram compatible
Cockpit before using the “missmatch” adapter

Before, your solutions were to match the same brand (Avid brakes with SRAM shifters for the example) or to get Hope or Formula brakes that think a little to propose matchmakers for their clients.  For the others moutings, you could not do anything.

But it was yesterday… a smart company called ProblemSolversbike just creates a nice matchmaker to marry shimano brakes and SRAM shifters. It’s not 100% of the riders settings but it’s a good start !

matchmaker shimano sram_v2

Requires SRAM MatchMaker-compatible shifters
Requires Shimano I-Spec-compatible brake levers (2012 & earlier)

matchmaker sram shimano

Matchmakers are composed with one main piece for each side of your cockpit. The matchmaker is the link between the clamp of your brakes and your shifter. Nothing is complicated – just 2 screws per piece – same sizes – no headache.


No need to describe… just watch. it’s clean and super-easy to adjust.

montage matchmaker

Matchmakers in details

profil matchmaker

On the pictures above & below, you can see that there is no interaction of the matchmaker with the main clamp’ screw. It’s fixed with another small crew that do the job.

profil 2 matchmaker sram shimano

What is great with the ProblemSolverSbike is that you can adjust the position of your shifter on the clamp, to fit your uses – it means the interval between the shifter and your thumb when you are on the grip.

More informations.

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There are 4 comments

  • goussu says:

    Est ce que ces matchmaker sont strict droite et gauche ou peu t on les inverser?

  • JEAN MICHEL says:


    on peut monter les shifter mais pas pour tige de selle ?


  • Rémi says:

    Bonjour est il possible d’utiliser ces adaptateur pour des shifters slx et des freins deore ?
    Merci d’avance.

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