Red Bull Foxhunt 2012 with Gee Atherton

Red Bull Foxhunt 2012 with Gee Atherton

Red Bull Foxhunt is an amazing race taking place in Northern Ireland, close to Belfast.
This not a game, not totally a race. Gee Atherton is the hunter and chase over 100 riders.
Gee Atherton crossed the start line with a handicap and try to finish first, that’s the aim.. easy to understand!

Gee Atherton redbull hunt

So on the pictures, you can see a lot of chases and one hound (with a GT..)

start line Foxhunt 2012

Last year, Gee Atherton finished at the 6th place. This year, he did not win but catch the podium with a second place.

Results are not important since this race looks amazing and funny. Only Red Bull is able to organize and support such an event and it works. On this kind of event, you don’t need to invite 10 top riders to make the buzz. One good concept and one guest are enough to unlight the world of mountainbiking !, the local shop of this event, uploads on Youtube a video that shows the event and the amazing spot (Cave Hill) ridden during the race. Definitively a ‘have fun’ event !

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  • mickeymode says:

    c’est bon comme concept (déja vu en 2011, il y en avait eu avant?)

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