Rose Bikes customisation program

Rose Bikes customisation program

RoseBikes allows its client to configure their bikes before buying.
How it works ?

You select the bike you want – here the enduro Uncle Jimbo. If you’re not happy with a component, the brand allows you to select others choices from pre-defined listing.

rose uncle jimbo

Here is an example. you’re not fan of Spank wheels. So, you decide to change that.

customisation rose bikes

Rose offers you a choice between 10 wheelsets as options, with or without extra charge – here, you can choose between Mavic, DtSwiss and Sun Riglé wheelsets. The system does not force you to increase the value of your basket, that’s really nice.

Our opinion

The customization program offered by Rose is basically smart. You can change some elements of the drivetrain or of the cockpit for the same price as the standard model. For the drivetrain, you can choose the type of cassette (for the numer of teeth). Only internet brands can do that and it’s a shame that so few people knows what Rose Bikes is offering on its website.

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There are 2 comments

  • lew says:

    Belle démarche, il faudrait également inciter les bouclars à pratiquer des modifications sur les vélos de série, mais hélas les modifs sont à leur charges et le matos qu’on ne veut pas, il faut qu’ils arrive à le revendre par ailleurs.

    • Quentin says:

      oui, il faudrait que ce soit les marques qui aident parfois à de petites optimisations mais qui peuvent faire la différence pour la satisfaction ou le confort de l’acheteur sur son futur vélo.

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