Santa Cruz Solo becomes 5010

Santa Cruz Solo becomes 5010

The sticker that you can see on the image is now a collector. Due to a problem with a trademark, Santa Cruz had to rename its all mountain frame, the Solo. The new name is now the 5010 – and don’t worry, it keeps all from the Solo and the Solo C.

santacruz 5010 c

It’s not easy to understand the range of bicycles of Santa Cruz since the Blur (Blur XC, Blur LT, Blur TR..) is not used as a base for each bike. And it’s not easy at all to understand why the brand chooses a number instead of a name to integrate the bike between some Tallboy, Bronson, Bantam, Nomad… there is a reason – we find it on a press release :

So why 5010?

If it wasn’t already obvious, our product manager is a big fan of NGC 5010, a lenticular galaxy located about 140 million light years away.

So now, we know even if we still do not understand the way ^^

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  • remsdu95 says:

    Ou sinon, c’est juste que SOLO avec des chiffres ça fait 5O1O (5=S et 1=L) ;)

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