SRAM / Shimano : the impossible wedding on the cockpit

SRAM / Shimano : the impossible wedding on the cockpit

Many riders want to clean their cockpit with some matchmakers to fit their shifter to their braking clamps. But it’s mainly possible if you marry brand / brand or if you have the chance to be equipped with Hope brake system (but more and more brake companies such as formula sells shiffters adaptators). But if you have shimano brakes for example, no solutions.

We find on the excellent an article that create quickly a tilt in our head.. we decide to get in touch immediatly with the company, some emails, one delivery later… we have in front of us some alu pieces that can match

> shimano brakes (after 2012)
> sram shifters (after 2012)

shimano sram compatible

This uncommon company is called Problem Solvers and they have a unique positionning in the cycle market. They create / sale only pieces that can solve a problem between you and your bike.. more exactly between some pieces on your bike. You know that they are (too) many standards in term of size, compatibility due to the creativity and the marketing of many brands. So guys @problem solvers find this good idea to help you matching pieces that cannot fit without some helps.

Problem solvers is a US based company.

problem solvers bike

Next article – presentation of their solution for our bike cockpit – mounting, photos and debrief !

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There are 4 comments

  • jeanphi says:

    je cherche justement une paire de matchmaker pour adapter des commandes de vitesse sram X 7/ 2011, Sur des commandes de frein shimano 2014.D’avance merci de votre réponse .

  • max says:

    Bonjour, j ai des freins sram guide rcs et des manettes shimano xtr. Comment les racorder? Y a t il un site de vente pour cette situation? Merci d avance

  • max says:

    Bonjour, j’ai des freins SRAM Guide RSC et des manettes shimano XTR. Comment les raccorder? Y a-t-il un site spécialiser? Avis aux connaisseurs.
    Merci d’avance.

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