Sunn is back and we know with whom

Sunn is back and we know with whom

The rumor was high last summer and the booth at Roc D’Azur confirmed that Sunn will be back in 2015.
2015 is today and we are all concentrated on each movements of the brand on internet to get some news or key informations concerning the real launch.

After a new teasing orchestred on their facebook page, we have now two names: Kilian Bron (Santa Cruz Mia) and Thomas Lapeyrie (Scott) hteu join the Sunn Enduro team for three years. The DNA of the new teammates are a bit different: Kilian is a free-rider able to perform on enduro races and Thomas Lapeyrie is a pure competitor (former member of the France national bicycle team).

kilian bron et thomas lapeyrie

Looking at the past, we can say that this casting smells good with two riders able to be performant on competition and good brand ambassadors besides. Now, it remains one question: where are the bikes ?

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