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The mine with Rob J from Canyon

Rob J Heran is a proud rider and ambassador for Canyon Bikes and Ion wears. Instead of moving in the south hemisphere, Rob J took the road of US to di...

Chris Doney for Charge Bikes

Bike lesson from Chris Doney – part 1 From front wheelie to massive bunnies, Chris Doney offers a great show despite the very low quality of the...

Hot not: Cannondale Scalpel 29

You were too many people on fire on Facebook last saturday ! I receive so much pictures of your bicycles that i have enough contents to publish a lot ...

New Orange Alpine Five 29er

Orange Bikes introduces a new bike yesterday.. the Alpine Five on two complete bike versions: Alpine Five AM and Alpine Five RS. But there is somethin...

Titchmarsh 29

This fatbike is the work of an english craftman, Titchmarsh Cycles. He just won the award of the best mountain bike at the last Bespoked show, the UK ...

Hot for Nicolaï Helius TB 29

You can give your note to this new Nicolaï Helius TB 29 2014 TB is for Trail Bike – a 120mn rear travel suspension with 29 inches wheels.

Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy

Maybe have you seen this bike on a complete bike test in a local newspaper some weeks ago ? We had the opportunity to see him and to ride it. Introduc...

On One Codeine in the starting blocks

It’s now close to one year that we find the first picture of the On-One Codeine, a long travel 29 inches bike. The bike is not available yet but...

BMC TrailFox TF01 TrailCrew edition

BMC delieves in 29er for program such as enduro and the TrailFox TF01 TrailCrew is the bike on which BMC concentrates all its know how. As they come f...

Bikeporn Nicolaï Rocc29 with Pinion gearbox

Here is a very original build from Draille Bike, the company importator of Nicolaï bikes in France. You’ll discover through the video that this...

Le VTT 29 pouces correspond aux standards de roue le plus grand utilisé actuellement sur les VTT. Il dépasse en taille le traditionnel 26 pouces ainsi que le 27,5 pouces apparus en 2012. L’avantage du 29 pouces est d’offrir une capacité de roulement supérieure et d’embrasser plus facilement les aspérités du terrain. La maniabilité n’est par contre pas son point fort même si les dernières géométries des vélos tendent à prouver le contraire. A coté de la pratique XC/Marathon où ses qualités de roulage font mouche, le 29 pouces est aussi recommandé aujourd’hui pour les personnes de grandes tailles pour qui le 26 pouces ne fait pas de sens sur des tailles de type XL ou XXL