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Chameleon goes 275 inches

26 inches wheels moves from Chameleon frames for 2015. Santa Cruz bicycles decides to go to 275 wheels for its all-in-one hardtail the Chameleon. 650B...

hot or not: santa cruz chameleon

Enduro + hardtail is one of the combination with a lot of future for mountainbikers. We think of brands such as Production Privée and small manufactu...

New Santa Cruz Chameleon 2013

New 2013 Chameleon is a versatile bike, everybody knows that. The frame supports XC to enduro program without any problems. In 2013, Chameleon gets ne...

Santa Cruz Chameleon
Le Chameleon est l’un des modèles les plus emblématiques du fabricant Santa Cruz. Initiateur du concept de cadre semi-rigide tout en un, le Chameleon peut tantôt se muer en endurigide, tantôt en petit XC baroudeur.