Thursday quizz is online

Thursday quizz is online

New quizz is online. You can give your answer on the comments box below or directly on our facebook page.
You have to find 10 mountain bike models.. images indicates the model and not the brand

Good luck !

MTB Number 1

vtt numero 1 du quizz

MTB Number 2

vtt numero 2 du quizz

MTB Number 3

vtt numero 3 du quizz

MTB Number 4

vtt numero 4 du quizz

MTB Number 5

vtt numero 5 du quizz

MTB Number 6

vtt numero 6 du quizz

MTB Number 7

vtt numero 7 du quizz

MTB Number 8

vtt numero 8 du quizz

MTB Number 9

vtt numero 9 du quizz

MTB Number 10

vtt numero 10 du quizz

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There are 7 comments

  • Augustin HENRY says:

    Perso j’ai trouvé ca : vtt numero 2 cannondale jekyll
    vtt numero 4 santa cruz v10
    vtt numero 5 banshee spifire
    vtt numero 7 antidote lifeline
    vtt numero 9 intense uzzi

    Corrigez moi si besoin et proposez vos réponses

  • Pieroo says:

    Un bon vieux Agang !!

  • Augustin HENRY says:

    Lifeline me parait juste

  • Francky says:

    1 Saracen Ariel
    2 cannondale Jekyll
    3 sunn Kern
    4 Mondraker Vantage
    5 Banshee Spitfire
    8 Santa Cruz Bronson
    9 Intense Uzzi

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