Viper X Race bikecheck

Viper X Race bikecheck

We ask our fans on our facebook to post their hardtails and then to vote for the best one.
So here is the very cross country bike for Cyril – a Viper X Race ready to perform on local competitions.

Cyril, who are you ?

I’m student in engineering. I’m 18 yo and i come from North of France, near the Channel. I’m fan of bicycles, both mountainbikes and roady. I enjoy spending my time also close to my bikes to maintain, to upgrade or to fix them when it’s necessary !

When started your love story with bicycles ?

I started 2 years ago with my friends. Quickly, I took the decision to buy my very first “real” mountain bikes – a Lapierre tecnic fs700 – and then, i never stop riding and changing my bikes. My Viper is my last production.

How did you find this amazing Viper X Race bike ?

viper x race

I was looking for a carbon frame. I started my search on online shops and this frame was so eye-catching that the seduction was entire ! I wanted a good ratio weight / price and this brand coming from Belgium is well-known for that.

Did you buy a complete bike or just the frame ?

Only the frame – i wanted to build my own bike from scratch, with components that i had in mind !

Which targets for this build ?

I wanted a weightweenie but a brillant one ! I already knew that SRAM was my choice for the drivetrain. For the rest, i work on photoshop to simulate the final build to see if the colors and designs would match the frame according to my wishes.

About the components..

So, after the frame, wheels choice is for sure the most important act. I wanted a light, reliable and stiff wheels. I ordered a wheelset in a local specialist called Hocuswheels – based on ZTR Alpine rims.

transmission sram mono plateau

The drivetrain is based on a 1×10 system with a XO crankset and X9 kit for rear derailleur and shifter. This configuration needs to put some watts on climbs but is perfect for my program.

For the components, i chose Ritchey and the white WCS line for the handlebar, stem and seatpost.

I have fun with the saddle – a Prologo C.One nack. It is one of my last investment – a super light saddle that matches both my weight and the global design of my bicycle. what else !

selle prologo c one nack

So, can you explain your choice to have a rigid fork front ?

basically, i enjoy the idea of feeling the ground of my tracks… you have a lot of sensations with a rigid fork !

viper x race profil

The components you would never remove from your bike ?

The frame !

The little thing you think you will add in the next few weeks

Maybe a Baramind handlebar… i love the zero suspensions bike but sometimes, my arms asks for some more comforts !

cintre ritchey

Thank you Cyril for this nice introduction to your cross country weapon !

Shopping list

Bike weight : 8.3kg !

Frame : Viper Xrace carbon (1080g)
Fork : rigide Kompressor carbon (800g)
Wheels: Ztr Alpine , moyeux Hocuswheels (type novatec) , rayons plat CNSpoke , écrou alu DT Swiss (1380g)
Brakes : Formula RX
Components : Ritchey WCS blanc
Saddle : Prologo C ONE nack (90g)
Crank: Sram XO , couronne spécialité TA
Drivetrain : shifters , rear derailleur and cassette Sram X9
Chain guide : eThirteen XCX (54g)
Tires : Hutchinson cobra light
Pedals : Crank Brothers egg beater 2

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