Your Commencal on a big e-commerce website

Your Commencal on a big e-commerce website

Because some e-commerce websites have a lot of audience, they decide also to welcome products from others brands or shops in their product categories. It’s what experts call a market place. Some very huge website such as Amazon are able to propose anything on its pages – since people are ready for that (and not only books).

What is more crazy is this example we find in france on a huge mail order selling company called La Redoute. La Redoute is specialized on clothings mainly – and it was a real suprise to see in its sports / bike / mountain bike section some models of Commencal bikes over 3000e.

Commencal is not alone in this website – we find also a norco DH bike.

It did not take too much time to understand and identify who was behind this association : Bikester, the german website.

Commencal is used to display its offer on many website since each collection is over-stocked. It’s interesting for Commencal to have a touch point in Germany to sell its products online. The situation is not the same for Bikester that may concentrate on its awareness and new website topics instead of losing margin with marketplaces if someone by chance decides to buy an item through this kind of go-between website.

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